What we offer

We offer the latest approach to fitness and wellbeing and have facilities to support your experience at Empire Gym & Studios.

We have a fully air-conditioned gym, filled with all the latest equipment and more than 130 stations, including IFI Accredited equipment. Are you looking to take part in a regular class to really get your heart and soul pumping, we have lots to choose from. Looking for that quick HIIT in less than 30 mins, try our gym floor classes.


Interested in a Ladies Only Gym? Try Empire Heaven


On the other hand, perhaps a little more motivation and support from the help of one of our on-site personal trainers, or some health and wellbeing advice to help you reach your goals.

Your membership also includes access to boditrax, the latest in body composition and movement tracking, to help you understand your body and get EVEN MORE out of your membership.

We have a number of different options to support your fitness journey, including nutrition advice, exercise plans and boditrax scans. Which is a great approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Want to take your training in a different direction and try something new? Try Empire Performance, our coach-led strength & conditioning facility at Wheat Street.


Junior Fitness sessions available for 12 - 16 yr olds. Offering supervised sessions & anytime access when accompanied by an adult. 


We offer Ladies only HIIT sessions in Empire Heaven on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings 6 - 6:30pm. Book your space with a member of the Empire Heaven Team. 

*suspended due to COVID19*


We offer a variety of PAYG minutes
and courses. Sunbed creams are also available to purchase.


We have a wide range of equipment including separate Heavyweights, Cardio and Resistance area. To find out more click here...


Add a different dimension to your training - join us for 6 weeks; try something new and see results quicker.

*suspended due to COVID19*


What we eat is just as important as the amount of exercise we do. Check out our Nutritional Wall, try one of our favourite  healthy recipes.


Boditrax body composition and movement tracking is a great tool to track your progress.


We offer Personal Training at
Empire Gym & Studios.