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NBLT's Term-Time Tips

The school term starts again soon! So all throughout this week NBLT is sharing some of their top tips for getting your little ones ready to go back to school...

Reset your Routine

During the summer holidays, your little ones may have enjoyed a later bedtime. The transition between school holidays and term-time can be distinguished by the gradual introduction of an earlier bedtime. You can implement this a few days before the return to school to gently prepare your littles for the earlier mornings. Small markers can also be useful reminders, such as getting school uniforms ready the night before and reducing screen time before sleep.

Paint a Picture

Drawing can be a very beneficial way to allow your children to express their feelings surrounding emotions, and it can be especially effective at communicating any anxiety your child may feel about returning back to school. Asking your little ones to draw how they feel about going back to school and asking them to explain it is a good way to start a conversation about their feelings too. This can also be useful for non-verbal and children with learning difficulties such as autism and can enable parents to provide reassurance to children for any upcoming social situations.

Get Organised

Having a few things planned in advance can make a big difference to your little ones feeling prepared for returning to school. Swap last-minute for pre-planned small things like lunch boxes, school bags, and uniforms. Doing this the night before can help establish an enjoyable consistent routine. It could also be useful to check whether P.E kits, and any library books are expected on the first day back too.

Comforting Objects

For some younger children, it can be comforting to settle back into a new environment whilst accompanied by a safe object of their choice. This can be anything from a soft toy, a favourite book, or small blanket. Having something from a familiar environment in a new one can make the transition easier for you and your child. It is always useful to make your child’s teacher aware that your child requires this comfort object. They can then encourage them to use it if needed.

Remain Calm

Parents’ own stressful mind-sets can directly impact their children’s emotions, so remaining calm can help your little ones to feel comfortable and safe in new situations and environments. This can increase their confidence and ability to adjust to new scenarios and further develop their social skills. While some children may find these transition periods exciting, for others they can be panic inducing. Remaining calm and flexible in your approach to your children returning to school allows you to establish healthy routine whilst validating your little ones’ emotional processes.

😍Wishing everyone a great first day back this week!

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