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How to join

At the gym

  • Have your payment details at the ready

  • Fill out the online form
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    You won't be asked to enter this until the very last screen

  • Pop into the gym for your 15 minute introduction
    *this will not take place due to COVID-19*


  • Sign your paperwork & collect your membership card

  • Meet the team and have a tour of the gym - don't forget we're here whenever you need us

  • Pop into the gym & meet our team and enjoy a tour of the facilities

  • Discuss your needs with an instructor & ensure you join on the correct package

  • Complete your membership forms (bank details required for direct debit memberships)

  • Book your FREE induction, FREE boditrax & FREE 6-week programme design 
    (all optional)

  • *Inductions will not take place due to COVID-19*

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