Join Empire Gym & Studios between Monday 5th April 2021 & Monday 31st May 2021 and pay nothing until the 1st June 2021.*


The sooner you join the more you’ll save!!


Terms and Conditions for Sale:


Online Promotion Codes:

  • Join between 12th - 30th April use: OFFER1

  • Join on the 1st May 2021 use: OFFER2

  • Join between 2nd –  31st May 2021 use: OFFER3


New members must sign up to a 6 month direct debit contract. Your 6 consecutive direct debit payments start from 1st June 2021. Your free usage period is outside of your 6 month contract. 


If you join between 15th – 31st May 2021, you will be required to pay June’s membership fee upfront as your direct debit instruction will not start until 1st July 2021. May will still form part of your 6 month contract.


Not valid in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discounted membership.

This offer applies to the following Commitment Reward Package at Empire Gym & Studios:

• Premium Package

• Off Peak / Senior 60+

• Student

Memberships include parking at our nearby Wheat Street facility. To find out  more about all the benefits visit our Memberships page.

*Please note: You must select a membership start date from the 10th April 2021 to sign up early - however access to the gym will be  from the 12th April 2021, when the gym re-opens in guidance with the easing of the national lockdown.

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Terms & Conditions for Refer a Friend

  • For each new member you refer, you will receive one month FREE. 

  • Your FREE month will be in September 2021.

  • The referred member must sign up to a 6 month contract.

  • I confirm I have my friends permission to submit their details.

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If you experience any duplicate payments, please email us and they will be rectified shortly.