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'Great variety of classes, professional staff. A great place to get fit.'


'Great team, really friendly, with a wide range of high quality classes and equipment.'


'Great classes, friendly and helpful staff.'


'Helpful advice, the staff are very supportive and knowledgeable.'


'Helpful and friendly staff, a nice atmosphere and a good range of equipment.'


'Great facilities and lovely staff'


'I have been a member of Empire Heaven since 2013. I weighed nearly 14 stone when I first started!! I now weigh 12 stone 2lb and feel really good about myself, not only with the way I look but how my health has improved.

In 6 months I have gone from having pre-diabetes to now being in the normal range. I have also been discharged from the asthma clinic at the hospital as my chest has opened up and my breathing is so much better. 

Since 2013 I have measured and weighed myself every 6 weeks, but my weight seemed to keep going up then down and I struggled to keep it off, but now I am on an even keel with all the help and encouragement from the team at Empire. I use the Boditrax machine which gave me a metabolic age of 76 years 6 months ago, at 69 years old I wasn’t happy with it and have now got it down to 64.'


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